’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg Admits to Having Miscarriage With Topher Park’s Child!

90 Day Fiancé’s Deavan Clegg has been pretty open about the past and now she has started to open up more about her relationship with Topher Park.

In the most recent post for her on social media, she came out about a miscarriage that she had back in April. Her fans didn’t seem too shocked because many of them already thought that she was pregnant back in April.

’90 Day Fiancé’: The Loss of Pregnancy

Deavan is pretty open with all of her fans and followers and now she is opening up about how she had a miscarriage back in April. She wanted her fans to know all about it and why she took a break from social media for quite some time. Fans were curious about her being pregnant and there are even more rumors going around about her now.

When Deavan decided to open up more about her miscarriage, her publicist pretty much did all the work for her. She wrote a statement for Deavan on June 9 explaining more about what had happened. She wrote, “This is a private matter that she is grieving over with the support of Chris and her family by her side.”

Deavan already has two children, one from her ex-husband, Jihoon Lee, who she appeared on 90 Day FIancé with, and one with a man who she rarely speaks about because of the abusive relationship that she was in with hm. Deavan is very open with her fans about how much pain she has had in her life, but her fans continue to support her and are glad that she shares with them about her life and hardships.

Topher and Deavan are currently working on a documentary and Deavan has told her fans that it is a Tell-All about the truth of what TLC has done to her and her family. Many of her fans aren’t sure that it really is the full truth, but we will all have to wait until they release it. Deavan has made claims against Jihoon for months now and we hope that she will get the clarity needed to move on emotionally.

If you want to see more of Deavan and Topher, you can check out their YouTube account and you can keep an eye on Deavan’s Instagram account for more updates on what she is up to these days and if the new rumors of her pregnancy are true or if they are just rumors.

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