‘90 Day Fiancé’: Emily and Sasha Larin Pregnant With Baby Number 2

’90 Day Fiancé’ couple Emily and Sasha are, to the surprise of many viewers, still going strong. Though Emily didn’t want to announce it just yet, husband Sasha let it slip that the family is expecting a new baby to join their crew!

Sasha had snapped a few pics of their son, David in a t-shirt that read ‘Promoted to Big Brother” which he then posted to his Instagram story!

Of course, the giant clue to an addition to the family was NOT missed by 90 Day fans and Emily was soon to confirm the slip-up. She posted the photo Sasha had added to his story to confirm that she is in fact pregnant with baby number 2.

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Emily Larin and Sasha Larin Pregnant With Baby Number 2

She elaborated on how the goof happened, saying she put David in his brand new ‘big brother’ shirt (presumably this was how they planned to announce the baby news eventually, or perhaps to relatives) as he threw up on what he was wearing as the family travelled from Oregon to Utah.

Emily cites the fact that she didn’t want to dig around for new clothes for her son and the ‘big brother’ shirt was easily accessible. She simply forgot to tell Sasha not to take any photos- or post them on social media!

Emily was good natured about Sasha preemptive baby announcement strike saying she wasn’t able to hold onto the secret much longer. Her post was instantly flooded with congratulations from fans and from her 90 Day cast members.

The trip from Oregon to Utah was part one of their planned move to Russia which the couple announced just last week. Sasha and Emily met when she moved to Russia and both Sasha’s ex – the mother to his two eldest sons, and 90 Day viewers believed Sasha was with Emily for the green card.

With the move back to Russia, it looks like this twosome might just be in it for the love after all. We’re happy Sasha will be able to see his two eldest sons when he moves back closer to him and wonder if child number four will finally be a girl?

Whatever the gender, we just hope Sasha doesn’t get on Emily’s case about snapping bck into shape after baby number 2!

Congrats you guys.

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