Too little, too late, For Lil’ Nas X & Nike?

Looks like Nike is trying to get out if its deal with the devil a little too late for some customers liking. Today, Nike filed a restraining order against MSCHF, the company working with Lil’ Nas X in order to release his Satan Shoes, a pair of modified Nike Airs that apparently had 1 drop of human blood in each of them. Nike has now filed a restraining order against the company saying that they are not authorized to sell their products.

Only thing is… The shoes have already been sold.

According to MSCHF, all of the only 666 pairs of shoes have been sold and are no longer in stock. So, while Nike is attempting to save face by filing a performative action restraining order, the deal is already done. Besides that it was such a small amount of production that it’s likely that neither company actually made much money on the shoes. In fact, the people that’ll make the money off these shoes are probably eBay scalpers, so Nike took a loss.

Too little, too late, Nike?

That’s not to say that there won’t be people boycotting the brand, especially religious people, but it’s not like Nike has not collaborated wth Christians before. In fact, previously they released a “Jesus” shoe with John 3:16” printed on them. (There was also a Chik Fil-A shoe but that might have just been a parody on pinterest, not sure.) 

Either way, MSCHF said that this shoe was mainly an artistic statement and that Nike will collaborate with anyone, which, may or may not be a real good look for their brand. It’s a little surprising that MSCHF didn’t receieve a libel and slander lawsuit as well after claiming that, but we’ll say that Nike likes to pick and choose its battles.

As far as the shoes go, they are already sold and done, so in the long run this restraining order doesn’t even matter. Although, does anybody remember the fairy tale of the red shoes? I can’t help but think that if these shoes are imbued with the power of the Dark Lord himself that Nike may be facing some lawsuits when people’s heels start smoking. Yike!!! Stay tuned!!!

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