Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe Receives Ominous Letter From ‘Witness’ Who Knows Where “The Bodies Are Buried”!

‘Tiger King’ star Jeff Lowe alleges he received an anonymous letter that seems to reveal the location of Carole Baskin’s missing millionaire ex-husband, Don Lewis.

Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe Receives Ominous Letter From a ‘Witness’ Who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried.

The one page letter from ‘The Faithful Witness’ which says nothing more than ‘the corpse lies under her house’ was said to have been sent to Lowe’s Oklahoman Tiger King Park a year ago. The envelope had no return address and no name but was post marked in Providence, Rhode Island.

Carole Baskin’s husband went missing in 1997 and it has long been believed by her  nemesis, Joe Exotic that she murdered the man for his money. In fact, he penned many a song around that theory. Even Lewis’ family think Exotic is on to something  and, after Netflix’ docuseries “Tiger King” was viewed by approximately 65 million households since the start of the pandemic, so do countless other viewers.

Baskin and her new husband, Howard Baskin have hotly denied all accusations including the circling rumor that Lewis’ body was buried beneath the septic tank on the property the two had shared when married.

The person who penned the anonymous letter seems to assert a similar allegation to those of a very vocal Facebook group.

Jeff and Lauren Lowe are said to be speaking with federal agent about the letter, and law enforcement in Florida,  where the property in question is located, have apparently been informed of the letter’s existence. Even though there are no names- whose body and whose property, it seems quite clear what the letter is alleging.

Hillsborough County, Florida  authorities requested the letter  be handed over shortly after Lowe received it, however, the zoo man refused, claiming the producers of ‘Tiger King 2’ advised him to keep it in his possession. Now that filming is finished, Lowe is saying the letter is on the way to Florida to be fingerprinted and DNA tested.

Jeff Lowe was introduced in the latter part of the Tiger King series as another larger than life big cat owner with deep pockets who double crossed Exotic and took control of part of Exotic’s zoo.

Baskin, however, recently won control of the zoo as Exotic had been ordered to pay Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue nearly $1 million to resolve a trademark-infringement lawsuit. A judge alleged the zoo was fraudulently transferred to both Lowe and Exotic’s mother Shirley Schreibvogel, to avoid being seized by creditors.

Needless to say, Lowe has quite the stake in this game and Howard Baskin believes the letter is all Lowe’s doing, likely for sensationalism for the second docuseries or to deflect from Lowe’s own legal troubles. Baskin told TMZ “Only a moron would think that an anonymous letter has any value.”

I guess we’ll see soon, but really, feeding the corpse to the tigers makes away more sense to me…and not just because Exotic’s song Here Kitty, Kitty should have been a runaway hit!

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