‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: How Brody Jenner Found Out His Ex-Wife Was A Lesbian Dating Miley Cyrus

Brody Jenner has opened up on how weird it was to see his ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter dating Miley Cyrus.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: How Brody Jenner Found Out His Ex-Wife Was A Lesbian Dating Miley Cyrus

Things were made even more difficult since it happened, rather quickly, in the aftermath of their split. That was not the only reason for it being a novel discovery, though. During an episode of The Hills: New Beginning, Brody revealed exactly how taken aback he was by the revelations. He said: “The whole lesbian thing was gnarly because, in our entire relationship, you never expressed that [lesbian thing].”

So how did Brody discover the shocking news? Well, rather than the duo having a heart to heart, the bombshell came to light following a breaking news story. As you can imagine, Brody was left scratching his head as pictures began to emerge of Kaitlynn hooking up with Miley. In the picture, we can see Kaitlynn wrap her arms around Miley on her belly button as they are walking together.

Those intimate images left Brody lost for words. He added: But it was a shock for me and, I think, for a lot of people that saw that. She got into a relationship with somebody, and I didn’t find out until I saw it in the press.” This may ultimately explain why the pair decided to part ways. And yet, they had gotten married to each other during an intimate ceremony in Indonesia.

However, they would go on to break up only a year later. In hindsight, this period was merely delaying the inevitable. Kaitlynn could no longer control her feelings for the same sex. While they continue to remain in touch, Brody has acknowledged that the split was probably for the best. He continued: “After some time had passed, I realized this is where our lives were going.

“We’re going to be separated, we’re not gonna be together, but let’s still be in each other’s lives.” Brody and Kaitlynn are on two very different paths. Even though Kaitlynn’s relationship with Miley was short-lived, it did show her that her future is best suited to finding women, who have gone through similar struggles. 

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