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Seth Rogen Has Judd Apatow to Thank for Not Converting to Scientology When Tom Cruise Pitched Him on the Religion.

Life could look very different for actor Seth Rogen right now if it weren’t for director pal, Judd Apatow. Speaking with Howard Stern, Rogen recounted some of his Hollywood adventures that have been documented in Yearbook, Rogen’s book of essays which came out this week.

One story in particular included Tom Cruise, a Snapple bottle of urine and a possible induction into Scientology!

Rogen recounted his story from approximately a decade and a half ago, starting with his desperate need to use the bathroom before meeting the megastar. Halfway up Cruise’s long and woods-lined driveway, Rogen could take it no more. Dipping out to rush behind a tree, Rogen urinated in a Snapple bottle, capped it and left it behind.

Yet that was the least bizarre part of Rogen and Apatow’s visit.

Hours into sitting down with Cruise in the palatial home he shared with then wife, Katie Holmes and baby daughter, Suri, talk turned from movie making to the topic of Scientology and specifically how strange Cruise was coming off in the media at the time.

Cruise curiously blamed big pharma for the stigma surrounding him in the media (not jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s furniture?), saying the industry was smearing his name. The Mission Impossible star then began to launch into a pitch about Scientology to Apatow and Rogen.

“It’s like with Scientology,” Cruise began his attempted pitch, ‘If you let me just tell you what it was really about…just give me like 20 minutes to really just tell you what it was about, you would say, “No f@#&ing way. No f@#&ing way!”

Rogen told Stern, “I’m generally a weak-willed, weak-minded person. I would assume on the grand scale of people, if they got [Tom], what chance do I have?”

So, Is Rogen now a Hubbard book-toting Scientologist, kicking it with the likes of Tom, John Travolta and Elizabeth Moss?

No, and Rogen attributes this to Apatow who told Cruise, “Eh, I think we’re good. Let’s just talk about movies and stuff.”

Rogen admits that if he were meeting Cruise alone, the story would likely have a different ending and says he’s thankful that he “dodged that bullet.”

However, he may not be as out of the woods as he first thought…or at least his bottle of urine may not be. Heading back down the driveway post meeting, Rogen passed the exact spot he’d used for his impromptu bathroom break and noticed a security camera “literally pointed exactly at where I was peeing.”

He’s now waiting for the moment Cruise pulls out the tapes and blackmails him!

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