Piers Morgan Criticizes Prince Harry’s “Ludicrous Hypocrisy” For Going After His Own Family – British Royal Family

Piers Morgan doesn’t think the British Royal Family is racist, but he sure does think Prince Harry is. The television personality ripped what he calls the “ludicrous hypocrisy” of Prince Harry attacking his own family and calling them racist when he in fact has a racist history of his own. Here’s what you need to know.

When he spoke to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Piers said, “I have met the royals many times and I don’t believe they are racist at all. In fact, the only member of the royal family who has had to publicly apologize for being racist is Prince Harry.”

Piers Morgan Slams Prince Harry’s Hypocrisy Over Racism

He noted that the Duke of Sussex “a few years ago had to apologize after using a deeply offensive racist term about a Pakistani soldier” in a video diary he made while in the British Army in 2006.

In the clip, Prince Harry calls an officer from the Pakistani army, who was on the course with him, “our little Paki friend” and, when he sees another officer cadet wearing a camouflage veil, exclaims: “F… me, you look like a raghead.”

If that weren’t enough, Harry was also mocking his grandmother the Queen during a pretend phone call. A Ministry of Defense spokesman said at the time, “This sort of language is not acceptable in a modern army.” Staff officers have insisted the Army’s policy must be “zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination.”

Piers added that Prince Harry has used other racial slurs as well, and mentioned how the royal sparked outrage when he dressed up as a Nazi for a costume party. “Which may explain his hatred for the British tabloids,” the former editor said.

“He’s the only one. Isn’t that ironic? That never got mentioned by Oprah Winfrey — and it should have been mentioned,” he insisted.

“The idea that the royal family, and the Queen in particular, are now being depicted as a racist entity, a racist queen presiding over a racist monarchy … I find it completely disgusting,” Piers Morgan added.

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