Molly Hopkins Addresses Boyfriend Kelly Brown About His Ex On 90 Day: The Single Life

None of us like drama and sometimes, we just know that we can keep it from happening. Molly Hopkins from 90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day: Single Life had just this type of moment.

She is dating a new man named Kelly Brown and they have been going strong for a few months now. Molly told cameras that she did something that she knew would start some drama, but she wanted to ask her new boyfriend some questions about his ex and her baby.

90 Day: The Single Life – Confronting Kelly

Molly confronted Kelly about something that had really been bothering her. She told fans, “I’m not that messy. What I did was messy and ‘You need to have this convo’, but then, there’s that backside of me that’s like, ‘What if you don’t know? And what if something happened?’ ‘What if there was a situation that somebody needed a kidney or some blood or you gotta have the DNA?’ I don’t know how that works out. I’m certainly not a doctor.”

90 Day: The Single Life – Molly Hopkins Addresses Boyfriend About His Ex

She had a lot of fears that Kelly could be the father to his ex’s child. She thought that he could have been hiding this child from her and that is when she knew that she had to ask him.

She told fans, “At that point, 10,000 things were going through my head. First of all, I’m like, ‘He’s going to dump me.’ And then I thought, ‘Wow, this is a really stupid cop.’ He’s a detective. He’s a super sleuth. Sure, the super sleuth is this Marvel-comic loving, crazy zany Anime watching, historical sword collector, you know? So that’s part of the attraction, I think, is that he loves superheroes and he’s a superhero in the streets kind of. So I thought he would surely know, but I mean, it happens every day where people don’t know totally.”

Molly has talked about how Kelly does want children, but the idea of this child’s father really got to her. After they talked it out, it does seem that things are fine once again. Molly really does hope that this didn’t make a bad impression on Kelly and she really does hope that they can stay close and work on their relationship.

You can see what happens next with Molly and Kelly on 90 Day: The Single Life. It airs on the discovery+ streaming service and you can find out just how things are going with them each week.

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