Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Accusation of Racism In the British Royal Family Update

British Royal Family News reveal that members of the royal family had to say about baby Archie was pretty disgusting. It wasn’t expressly stated who, in the interview, nor was the actual conversation shared, but it was heavily implied in Oprah’s interview last night with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that there was an actual conversation that was had about the color of the child’s skin.

In other words, “What color would the child be?” first off, why is that even a question that would cross anyone’s mind in this day and age? I get that some people never grew out of a pre-1960’s era mindset but certainly, royal or not, they must realize that in today’s society that kind of question, would at the very least be frowned upon.

British Royal Family News: Why are we still having conversations about skin color in 2021?

In the same context, it was implied that some members of the royal family was afraid of how it would look to the outside world if England had a brown Prince. I’m sorry but wasn’t it just 20 years prior that this same family had an actual recorded phone conversation where the next in line to the British throne said to a woman that he would like to be her tampon?

I really think it’s too late to be worrying about image now. Especially since the party in question is an innocent child, the child didn’t ask to be born so I don’t see the point of discussion over melanin quotient. That is someone that no one can help.

I could see this conversation happening in 1965, even though Britain was never the hotbed of slavery and Jim Crow that the United States was, obviously, it was a different, more close-minded time in the eyes of the world. But then Meghan comes along and suddenly everyone’s worried about how things will appear.

They’re acting like Harry brought home and married an alien from outer space, not a beautiful, American actress. I’m no history expert but nowhere did I ever read that Britain’s government was founded by white supremacy. Also there is a reason why Harry fell in love with Meghan, so, way to go implying that his choice wasn’t good enough, royal family!

Some people say that Harry and Meghan shirked their royal responsibilities by stepping out of their senior staff roles, but they have not. They still plan on serving the Queen, but have simply taken a step back for their own mental health. Worldwide though, it begs the question, would anyone really want to stick around if their child was being bullied and looked down upon for the color of their skin? I wouldn’t. Stay tuned!!!

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