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Jason Segel Splits From Long-Time Girlfriend Alexis Mixter

Jason Segel, who is best known for the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother‘, has split from his girlfriend, Alexis Mixter.

Jason Segel Splits From His Long-Time Girlfriend

The news was a shock, given that they had been together for a mammoth eight years, ever since they hooked up together in 2013. And yet, they have many fond memories. In a post to Alexis’ fans on Instagram, we can see a picture of the duo smiling as they sit next to each other. The post was captioned by the following comments: “This is a photo of two best friends.

“This guy and I have shared so much life together, changed each other at a soul-deep level. All for the better. The depth of our bond was something I could never have anticipated.” Despite the evident happiness that they shared, it does raise the question of why would they want to part ways? Well, it seems that the scrutiny being replaced on the pair by virtue of being in the public eye has all gotten a bit too much for them to deal with.

Jason’s role, as ‘Marshall on How I Met Your Mother’, made him a household name around the world. Alexis, for her part, is not so well known for what she does. Although she is a photographer and successful in her own right, she is able to live a relatively low-key lifestyle. That cannot be said the same of Jason, though. That mixture from two different worlds was something hard to find a balance in.

This may explain Alexis’ following comments. She added: “Some won’t understand why it is necessary, and that’s okay. Having a public romantic relationship is not easy. Ending one feels like navigating a road that doesn’t even exist. We are private people when it comes to our personal lives, and I intend to keep it that way.”

With the duo intending to remain friends, it is not out of the realms of possibility that they may end up getting back together at some point in the future. But for now, they need some much-needed space in order to collect their thoughts and reflect on what they want from their respective futures.

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