Jana Kramer’s First Co-Parenting Session With Mike Caussin Was A Disaster

Jana Kramer has confirmed what it has been like to see Mike Caussin, visit the house amid their co-parenting arrangements, in light of the duo’s impending divorce.

Jana Kramer’s First Co-Parenting Session With Mike Caussin Was A Disaster

Jana has been very vocal about how she was dreading the prospect of having to set up parental visits. But that fear has now turned into bitterness, knowing that it marks the break up of her family that she wanted to keep intact ever so badly. During an episode of her Whine Down podcast, Jana stated: “Right now, I have a lot of resentment because of how things are going.

“It’s making me just angry, which I think I need to have a piece of angry so that way I don’t get too sad.” That anger has started to impact Jana already. She admitted that during the course of one of Mike’s visits, she could not keep herself together. She had blamed Mike for tearing her family apart, but now it seems Mike is intent on carrying on like nothing had happened.

While that is the correct course of action for the welfare of the kids, it is still a little too early to be doing this, especially since Jana has not gotten over that initial heartbreak. She added: “I let him come and see the kids obviously…then I went out there, and I got struck with this emotion, you know, like, this isn’t real.

“I’m not ready to do this yet. I would love to have done this, but now I’m like, ‘I’m still mad at [you].” That resentment towards Mike has left her feeling incapable of trusting another man. Although Jana may feel this way, for now, there is nothing to suggest that she cannot get her life back on track. She still has plenty of time on her side, coupled with the fact that she is very successful in her own right.

If she can channel that energy into something positive, there is every chance she can recreate some happiness. That is not how she sees things currently, though. She stated: “I’m never settling, ever again. I’d rather be alone.” Let us hope that Jana can deal with her demons for the sake of her kids. 

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