Jana Kramer Has ‘A Lot Of ‘RESENTMENT’ Towards Mike Caussin Amid Their Divorce

Jana Kramer has not held back her disgust for Mike Caussin amid their divorce proceedings.

Jana Kramer Has ‘A Lot Of ‘RESENTMENT’ Towards Mike Caussin Amid Their Divorce

The pair decided to part ways after Jana could no longer tolerate Mike’s continual acts of infidelity. Although Mike has come out and acknowledged that he has made mistakes since then, it has not stopped the anger coming his way. This is especially since he failed to act in such a noble way during their relationship. During her Whine Down podcast, Jana expressed how angry she was over everything.

She said: “Right now, I have a lot of resentment. I feel like it’s take, take, take. It’s like, you already took everything. Not everything, but you took my family away from me.” Jana’s comments may seem brutal, but she does have a point. The former had forgiven Mike on numerous occasions. This was always based on the premise that he was going to reform.

Nevertheless, they were merely empty words as he continued to cheat on Jana. This was despite the couple going on to get married and sharing kids. So naturally, Mike’s current insistence on change has been a case of too little too late. Jana added: “He says he’s gonna change, so the next girl gets the changed man…I’m going to resent him for the rest of my life for breaking up our family.”

Jana’s love for her family ultimately kept the marriage going on for longer than it should have. She decided to put the welfare of her kids first at the expense of her own happiness. Although that was an honourable thing to do, she was delaying the inevitable that was coming her way. Given that she has walked away, she can focus on her two kids: Jolie and Jace.

That has allowed her to finally put things to bed. She continued: “I’ve gotten out of the ‘Will he ever change? Did I make the right decision?’ [space]. I know I made the right decision… I’d rather be alone.” Let us hope that Jana does not allow her anger to implode and destroy her communications with Mike. After all, he is still the father of her kids. 

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