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Former ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry BUSTED For Facetiming With 19-Year-Old TikToker On the Raya Dating App!

Former ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry got busted for facetiming with 19 year old tiktokker Kate Haralson on the dating app Raya. Her original post had her sitting on her phone while the text read, “When you match with Matthew Perry on Raya as a joke and he facetimes you and plays 20 questions with you.” and then she actually posted a clip of their call!

And yup, it was the real Matthew Perry, no catfish here ladies and gents! She said that she originally posted it to make a point about older guys in Hollywood taking advantage of young girls via this dating app.

But the thing is, she says that her conversation with Perry never even took a turn for the sexual. 

So… how exactly is playing 20 questions taking advantage of younger women again? Unless playing 20 questions is a euphemism or or there was nudes involved (which according to Haralson there was not), then we’re not exactly making the connection here.

While 19 is rather young, it’s still very much legal and no one actually did anything wrong. In the end, Haralson ended up deleting her post because she said she felt bad because Perry hadn’t done or said anything inappropriate tto her, they had just basically talked. Nothing scandalous, I mean, it’s Matthew Perry, not Charlie Sheen.

So while we do get the point she was trying to make, because there are some older guys out there in the industry who are just after younger women in order to take advantage of their naivete, it doesn’t look like Perry is one of them, or else this post would be much juicier. Haralson said that she mostly did it for a joke, but the admins at Raya did not see it that way.

Haralson violated the TOS because they don’t like for people to share their private conversations on public forums and now Haralson is banned from the app. We’re glad that the interaction was wholesome however because we would certainly feel bad for Molly Horowitz, Perry’s longtime girlfriend, whom he is currently engaged to, but just to give Perry some benefit of the doubt, Haralson didn’t give a time frame for when this interaction happened.

We’ll give him the benfit of the doubt and say maybe thi was before he popped the question, who knows? Stay tuned!!!

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