‘Extreme Sisters’: Twins Jessica & Christina Go Naked In the Woods!

TLC has done it again with their shows about bizarre and close relationships. Extreme Sisters is a brand new show that looks at sisters who are closer than they really should be. On the newest episode, sisters, Jessica and Christina, who are twins, end up naked and in the woods together. What are they doing naked and in the woods? We hope to find out.

Extreme Sisters: Naked Twins Together

The sisters on the show are probably too close for comfort. Apparently, Jessica and Chrsitina choose to get naked to help solve all of life’s problems. The twins are so close that they generally ruin the relationships that the other has with a man.

They are always interfering in the other’s life and this makes it incredibly difficult to be in a committed relationship. They have been married before and the ex-husband told cameras, “you can’t just date one, you have to date both of them.” This does not sound like the best plan for anyone.

As the women are dealing with some troubles in their lives, they talk about how they need to go to their spot and just get all of the drama and problems out of the way. This means getting naked and talking out all of the issues going on right now. The women use their nudity to help to solve conflicts with each other and in their lives.

The conflict that is happening right now with the women is that Jessica doesn’t like Christina’s new boyfriend yet. This is a very big deal with the women and they think that when they do find a man they like, they end up having to sacrifice their closeness. This has got to make the man feel very uncomfortable too though.

The women get naked and place crystals around themselves. They lay on blankets and being to set their true intentions about these conflicts that need to be resolved. They tell each other to “ask for the universe to guide us in the right direction.” Chrsitina is just scared that this new boyfriend will cause her to lose her close relationship with her sister.

Christina and Jessica tell cameras that they get naked to solve problems because this is the way they were born and it helps them to reconnect with each other and the universe. We really have seen it all now.

Extreme Sisters airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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