Discovery+ Pig Royalty – Did we spot McKayla’s judge friend?

In the second episode of the Discovery+ series, Pig Royalty, we saw another interesting conundrum crop up at this “Piggy Pageant” that was organized. There was one guest in particular that showed up to this Pig Pageant that made everyone raise an eyebrow.

The guest in question was a well-known livestock judge named Ty Chumley. Now, if you’ll remember back in episode one, it was rumored that McKayla and a particular stock judge were sleeping together at one point. Where Chumley is concerned, he is a good friend of the family and he is also McKayla’s college professor, so we’re wondering was this the guy that McKayla was rumored to have been with?

Pig Royalty – Did we spot McKayla’s judge friend?

He is good friends with the Balero’s, and has even come over to their house for family barbeques. He is also McKayla’s college professor. This is just all just speculation, but a lot of young college girls end up dating professors. Also, this guy doesn’t seem to be that old, so while there is an age gap there I think that it wouldn’t be that great of one.

If they’re such great family friends, then they wouldn’t mind ol’ Ty dating one of their daughters. Though, I’m a little amazed it isn’t McKenzie, considering she’s the oldest, but maybe this guy just has a thing for blondes.

It wasn’t elaborated on, but there’s a chance that this guy could be married with kids and I’m all wrong but I’m just going with the Rihn theory that this rumor didn’t just fall out of the sky and that it had to come from somewhere.

There’s also the chance that, it wasn’t a judge she was dating but perhaps the judge’s kid, which would make total sense if they were around the same age. However, that wasn’t the theory, her sleeping with the actual judge was. Also, the second the Rihn family saw this judge they said, “We’re dead.” so, they’re privvy to some sort of info that we’re not, obviously.

Also, there were hugs going around in the ring – isn’t that showing partiality? I mean, I’m not sure who the governing body is that is in charge of pig shows, but they might have something to say about that. Maybe they will? Stay tuned!!!

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