Counting On: Jinger Duggar’s New Book Recalls How Her Brother Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters

Jinger Duggar has a lot to unload about the ups and downs in her life and luckily for her fans, she’s managed to write about it all in a new book.

In fact, the reality television star is detailing how she felt when she found out the world knew that her brother Josh Duggar had molested her and three of her other sisters when she was still a child. Here’s what you need to know.

Jinger, who probably wants you to refer to her by her married name, Vuolo, than her maiden name, Duggar, is recalling how she lived in a nightmare after Josh Duggar’s 2015 abuse scandal made headlines. She writes about it in her new book, The Hope We Hold.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar’s New Book Recalls How Her Brother Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters

“My brain hadn’t quite caught up to the reality of what had happened in a few short hours,” Jinger writes in her book, out now. “Earlier that day, Dad had gathered my siblings and me to tell us that the worst trial in our family history, a trial we had long since dealt with and made our peace with, was now public knowledge.”

As many fans can recall, Josh was investigated after allegations were made that he sexually molested five young girls when he was just a teen. No charges were filed against him because the statute of limitations. But just this past week Josh was arrested for the possession of child explicit content. He has since been released on bail.

But recalling the moment the news broke about the molestation case, Jinger says that she felt nothing short of shell-shocked.

She continued, “I moved in a daze, living in a nightmare that I wished with all my heart wasn’t real. One of my siblings had made some sinful choices, but it had all been years ago. It had been awful, but we had dealt with it as a family.

We’d sought the Lord, took the necessary steps to move toward healing, and offered up our forgiveness. Now that it was out in public, the old wound was open again, raw, painful.”

The Hope We Hold comes out on May 4th.

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