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Bachelor In Paradise: Bachelor Nation Crumbling as Alums Turn Down Spot in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise find that even the fame hungry lovelorn alum of Bachelor Nation have a limit. And according to several sources, more and more alums are trying to distance themselves from the controversy stricken franchise.

The announcement was made just last month that Bachelor In Paradise would be coming back in 2021 after not going ahead amid the pandemic last year.

However, as casting began, producers found that some members of Bachelor Nation were apprehensive to sign up. One source told E! News. “Some are wondering what direction the season will take and are curious if it will strictly focus on contestants falling in love.”

Bachelor In Paradise: Trouble in Paradise

Contestants are apparently gun shy after the firestorm that surrounded Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and with many openly choosing sides on the Chris Harrison scandal (to name just one issue that has been plaguing the franchise), there could be strained relationships and heads-butting on the beach.

But then, isn’t that what reality TV is all about? Not necessarily. The extreme amount of bullying that was the main narrative of season 25 (at least before the racial controversies took flight) is another reason contestants “aren’t exactly jumping at the opportunity to star on the show.”

Bachelor In Paradise: Paradise Lost?

While there is more resistance than usual, producers aren’t worried about creating a cast. With an extra-large pool to choose from due to the missed season last year, there will no doubt still be plenty of former contestants looking to  cash in on their D-list celebrity find love on the beach.

The network is also convinced they will get some ‘big names’ back. Just don’t expect one of them to be Matt James–who was a hard “No”–or many of the very unlikeable women from his group of bachelorettes.

There are still a couple of months before Bachelor in Paradise begins filming so that’s plenty of time for production to woo Bachelor Nation alums with Instagram followers hammocks, pina coladas and some making out with other contestants rocking a swimsuit and seeking fame love (man, that just keeps happening!)

Watch this space for more casting news as we receive it!

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