Alec Baldwin BLASTS Cancel Culture After Defense of Woody Allen Goes Awfully Wrong!

Alec Baldwin has blasted the emergence of cancel culture that has plagued many stars in the entertainment industry.

Alec Baldwin BLASTS Cancel Culture!!!

Alec, for his part, is all too aware of the consequences after having watched his wife Hilaria Baldwin suffer scrutiny over her Spanish heritage. In a video posted on his social media, Alec said: “The cancel culture thing has revved up during COVID… They [people] want to get on their computer, and they want to take on people like me, and they want to say every horrible thing.”

The primary source of criticism coming Alec’s way has been his reported defence of Woody Allen. The latter has been accused of sexual misconduct by his daughter. While an investigation into the director is still ongoing, fans have questioned why Alec has not blasted the director, given they have worked together in the past. And yet, Alec had a different take on the matter.

He merely saw it as an allegation that has yet to be proved. He added: “If it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this person was guilty, I would certainly be open to changing my tune… I’m all in favour of tough laws on people who sexual[ly] harass or abuse.” However, the current political landscape does not allow for due process. We only have to look at other high profile stars.

Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan were heavily criticised for their responses to the Meghan Markle interview on CBS. Piers denied that Meghan was telling the truth, while Sharon was attacked for defending Piers. The result, ultimately, led to both leaving their jobs. And the pandemic has only added fuel to the fire. Alec noted: “The COVID has exacerbated everything bad in our society.

“People are angry and bitter. They’re p**ed off’.” Sadly, cancel culture looks like it is in fashion at the moment. There is an increasing responsibility on people to become more vigilant over what they say or post online. Unless there is a dramatic shift in public thinking, there is a feeling that this may become the norm and something else that celebrities will have to contend with.

Alec, though, will not be changing his tune anytime soon. If you liked reading this article, then check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.