’90 Day: The Single Life’: Vanessa Guerra Opens Up About Colt Johnson’s Sex Drive

If you have been following 90 Day: The Single Life on discovery+, you have seen Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra get engaged and get very close. Vanessa recently decided to open up more about their sex life and the amount of sex that Colt wants to have. It seems that he has quite the sex drive and sometimes, she finds it tough to even keep up.

’90 Day: The Single Life’: Vanessa Explains The Sex

Vanessa does enjoy having sex with Colt, that is no question, but sometimes she feels as if she can’t keep up. She told fans, “I don’t understand it. I mean, I’m trying to compromise, but I don’t think I’m still up to that five times a day thing. That’s too much for me.”

She pointed out that they have a lot to work on, but the sex is really good, but Colt just wants it all the time. She then went on to say, “I feel like it’s just something that we have to work on. It’s two parts, really. I think just meeting in the middle is important. I feel like understanding that it’s not just a one-sided thing. It’s about finding a compromise.”

There are other things that Vanessa wanted to share though. She told fans, “I felt like I really wasn’t loving myself, caring for myself, a lot in the past. And more recently, I focused more inward so that I don’t need to rely on other people so much. And I think moving forward in any relationship I have, I’ll just be able to handle anything better.” Colt had some pretty sweet words about Vanessa too.

Colt told fans, “Vanessa is completely different from any other girl I’ve ever dated or been with. She’s very patient. I feel like she’s the first person to sit down and just listen to me and figure out like who I am and like that person honestly. She never really wanted to change me. She just wants what is best for me. I felt like around her, I was just allowed to become more and more myself and develop more confidence. It’s just the best feeling in the world, honestly.”

Vanessa didn’t really want to be on the show and told her fans that she is incredibly shy so this was stepping out of her comfort zone more than normal. Colt is glad she agreed to be on the show with him and now she has quite the fan base. It looks like things are looking good for these two.

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