’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Tiffany is definitely Ed’s daughter

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers indicate that Big Ed Brown tries to come off as a “nice guy”, a teddy bear. Sure he’s 55 but he makes it known that he’s young at heart and it’s pretty obvious that he wants a young wife to match that energy.

However, I think Ed forgets from time to time that he has a daughter in her 20’s that is sometimes older than the women he dates and feels weird about it. She made no effort to hide her distaste for Liz the moment that she got to the dinner (they showed the clip on the tell-all) and she said that she didn’t mean to have ‘resting bitch face” for the entire dinner but I think it was clear that she didn’t really mean that.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Tiffany is definitely Ed’s daughter

However, Tiffany seems to inherited one of Ed’s worst qualities and that is the ability to give back-handed compliments. She literally said in her confessional that Liz “looked older” than her and that she “looked rugged” ouch. However, it’s on the same level of what Ed said about Rose in B90 S4, when he was telling her that her breath didn’t “smell pretty” and that she had legs that were “like his”.

So Tiffany seems to have inherited her Dad’s ability to absolutely mow some’s self-esteem by picking out their worst qualities, but she doesn’t seme to have inherited his way of framing things “nicely”, so I guess she inherited the straight-up bitchiness from her Mom.

It’s clear to see that both Tiffany and Ed’s Mom, who weighed in before Tiffany came on the scene, that they both think that he’s dating women that are too young for him. Whereas Tiffany just came out and rudely said it was weird, Ed’s Mom just said that due to Liz’s age that they probably want different things in life, and at this point… yes, that’s a very valid way of seeing it.

Ed keeps saying that he’s working through all of his stuff in therapy, but maybe he should try and work through all of his stuff in therapy before starting another relationship. That’s all I’m saying. Stay tuned!!!

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