’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers: No Hug For Brittany Banks

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers finds that Brittany Banks had decided to ghost Terence, the new guy in her life, and stop talking to him for awhile. She got a counseling from a friend who simply said that she was ‘dickmatized’ by the way she talked about Terence, but Brittany said that that wasn’t the case and there was a good chance that she did have real feelings for him but that she was just scared, so instead of telling Terence this, she made the mistake of ghosting him.

After 3 weeks she finally got up the courage to text him back and ask him to meet her for lunch, which Terence obliged, but you could tell he was pretty ticked off about being asked to meet up after that long.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Hence why, Brittany did not get a hug.

Terence proceeded to take her to task over ghosting him too. He asked her why she didn’t just tell him what she was feeling instead of just ghosting him and shutting him out, Brittany said that there was a lot of things that he didn’t know about her past and hat she was basically traumatized from her past marriage because she said she was with her ex-hubby for two years and then she said he flipped on her and turned into a crazy, jealous, controlling person and she didn’t want that to happen with Terence but didn’t know how to tell him.

However, she did say that she thought that these issues were something she thought they could work through and that she was willing to work through them with her if he was.

Terence said that sounded “believable” and that he was willing to give her another chance, but he said that if she pulls the disappearing act again that he’s not going to stand for it and that he’s going to bail. This is pretty reasonable because no one likes being ghosted and it’s important that romantic partners tell each other how they’re feeling.

However Brittany says that opening up is definitely not a normal thing that she does, and it doesn’t feel natural or normal for her to lay it all on the line for Terence like that. Will she change her mind or is this relationship dead in the water? Stay tuned!!!

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