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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The Confusing Life of Fernanda Flores On ‘The Single Life’

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers reveal that Fernanda Flores started off getting married really young to an American named Jonathan, but they only lasted 6 months causing some major trauma for Fernanda, which needed some counseling.

She also tried to get closer to her Dad during her time in Chicago which turned out okayish, but in the end was not enough to make her stay in Chicago. Nor was her former flame, Robby. Though honestly, the reasoning behind that was really confusing.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- The confusing life of Fernanda Flores

In spite of he and Fernanda being all over each other on their first date (which Fernanda said was really their second date) he said that he generally liked to move at a slower pace, which was just strange because no one was forcing him to make out with a beautiful woman in public. I’m pretty sure if he had shown any resistance Fernanda would have backed off, but here he is practically blaming her for all of the PDA.

He wasn’t fighting her off, he wasn’t acting uncomfortable, so the sudden shift in his attitude is really kind of confusing. Then, when he and Fernanda on the “second” (technically third) date got into a fight he said that Fernanda was the one not calling and texting enough and that she needed to be bolder.

Yet, he’s literally saying that he likes to move at a slow pace. Wow man, make up your mind. What he seems to actually be saying is he likes to move at a pace that isn’t Fernana’s in particular. If so, the least you could do is tell her and not waste her time.

However it looks like Fernanda didn’t waste any time moving on from Robby, because she quickly hooked up with her new roommate, Noelle, which you could tell bothered Robby a great deal. Fernanda said that unlike Robby, Noelle was calm and patient and could bring her back down to earth, which prompted Robby to say that he should start practicing more patience – ha!

Looks like it’s too little, too late for that, fella! But again, Fernanda really didn’t elaborate on how they got together other than they were at one of his friend’s resteraunts and had four bottles of wine and wound up being in a relationship from that night on. I guess the rest is history. Stay tuned!!!

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