’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ronald Smith Puts Huge On Tiffany Franco’s Son Daniel!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Ronald Smith just put some very unnecessary pressure on Daniel, son of wife Tiffany Franco (Daniel was her son from a previous relationship she had when she was 18 years old), he told him that he should be asking his Mom every day when they are going to South Africa to see his Dad.

Daniel pointed out that the borders were closed because of COVID, but Ronald wouldn’t let up, he said that as soon as the borders were open he would be with them in states, but then the question of the visa came up and then he said that if that be the case then the family would be moving to South Africa to be with him.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Daniel didn’t like that idea one bit.

Instead of letting up, Ronald continued to be insistent that this was the best course of action and that South Africa was a nice place and that the family would all be together there. Daniel is adamant that he wants to stay in the US and, even at his young age proposed that if the family was going to move to South Africa that he would leave the family and stay behind in the US.

That’s about the time when Tiffany stepped in and told him that they would talk about all that another day, but Daniel was 100% serious. He does not want to move to South Africa.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ronald is doing a bad thing by making him choose like that.

It’s one thing to put Tiffany between a rock and a hard spot because she’s an adult and can make informed decisions for herself. But Daniel is a child, a very young child, and he shouldn’t be forced to think about being separated from his family at all.

The thing is, I think Ronald has no plans of actually getting to American soil, I think his plan has always been to have his family move to South Africa and be with him and do what he wants. In fact, the way he talked today it’s not real clear if he is still 100% committed to doing all the steps it takes to get an American Visa.

Tiffany really needs to put her foot down, she needs to tell Ronald in no uncertain terms that they will not be moving to South Africa to be with him. The thing is, if she does this she stands a greater chance of losing him, because he said he does not want to continue to do this ‘long distance relationship’ thing, and he also said that he would fight to have the kids with him in South Africa.

However, I think he’s forgetting something – in order to fight, you have to prove that you are a financially stable household and can provide for these kids and so far he has not proven that. Also, in most states after the age of 11 you can choose whom you want to live with as far as the custodial parent goes, and Daniel is, at least to my knowledge, almost to that age. It’s clear that Ronald hasn’t thought this through. Stay tuned!!!

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