’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Michael Does Diaper Duty

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Michael Illesanmi from 90 day fiancé is preparing himself for Fatherhood by holding one of his cousins’ (or Aunt’s) babies, it looks like. He called himself “Papa Michael” to it, but someone said, “He likes Uncle Mike.” right before the baby decided to poop all over Mike.

I’m not sure how Michael will take Fatherhood eventually. His Aunt, Adeshola, was telling him that it’s easy to become a father and he contradicted her and told her it was hard.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Because Angel’s biological clock has already gone off. 

Adeshola decided to insert her opinion again, saying that Angela shouldn’t be getting weight loss surgery, she should have saved her money for having a baby instead. Honestly, Michael’s family is a little pushy when it comes to this. I know he wants to be a Father, but I don’t think the issue would be that important to him if they weren’t constantly riding him about it.

All they ever mentioned is him become a Dad or having a baby, I get they want this for him but does Michael even want that for himself? Because until they started inserting their opinion in everything Michael didn’t seem to care about it all that much, it seemed like an afterthought.

Also, Michael’s good to have a baby until he’s in his 70’s, but with Angela’s last egg being gone as of last year, that ship has already sailed for her. It also seems kind of rude that Auntie Adeshola would come out and say, “I wish you had married a Nigerian woman.” instead of letting Michael’s decision stand.

He already probably feels pretty ganged up on by his family over his decision, he doesn’t need them reminding him every 5 seconds about his alleged “wrong decision” in choosing a wife.

The thing is, Michael says that if Angela won’t consider kids at all, that he would have to consider divorce, even though he’s not a fan of it. Although, it seems like if his family wasn’t so insistent that he have a kid right now, he wouldn’t even be considering it.

He seems to love Angela that much and it seems that he would have taken the L if his family hadn’t been so insistent, but we’ll see how this plays out, won’t we? Stay tuned!!!

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