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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jake Thinks Tarik Myers Is Crazy!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells us that if Tarik Myers thought he was in good company when he went tux shopping with his friend and wedding photographer, Jake, then he was sadly mistaken. Jake was there to guide Tarik on what sort of tux he should buy for the wedding.

onestly, I thought he was going after a blue tux but the one he tried on was white with  a blue bow-tie so maybe it’s changed. He said that he didn’t know what was going to happen with fiance Hazel Cagalitan but he was going to have a nice tux. Okay then, Tarik.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jake thinks Tarik is crazy

He then proceeded to tell Jake about his woes concerning Minty, and the thing is, Jake totally took Hazel’s side. His first reaction when Tarik told him was, “What are you thinking?!” when he told him about texting Minty during the pandemic.

Jake said that he understood where Hazel was coming from and said that if his own wife had texted her ex before they had gotten married, then the choice would have been easy for there not to have been a ring.

Jake put him on the spot and asked him if he still had feelings for Minty, and it took Tarik a full 30 seconds to debate that with himself before he answered “No.” Jake advised him straight away to delete Minty’s number out of his phone.

Jake is right, Tarik kept Minty’s number in his phone for a reason and it took him a little too long when it came to answering in the negative about still having feelings for Minty. My own personal opinion is that the phone call was Tarik’s last ditch attempt to have his cake and eat it too when it came to Hazel and Minty.

Tarik says that he’s more worried about what finding a girlfriend is going to look like in the future when Hazel doesn’t trust him when they do find a girlfriend, but… I don’t know. Maybe he should just let Hazel do the girlfriend searching on her own, I think she has a pretty good idea of what she wants and it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t really want him involved. Will they find a girlfriend before the wedding? Stay tuned!!!

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