’90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Is Molly Hopkins’ Boyfriend Kelly up for the Dad challenge?

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers reveal that Molly Hopkins certainly had a good time with her new boyfriend, Kelly, when they spent their first night together. Also, can we just discuss how lit Molly’s house is? It’s huge!

That aside, they had some interesting pillow talk on the morning after, apparently Kelly snores and Molly snatches the covers, that sort of cute, couple-y stuff, and then Molly went to go make breakfast for her man.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Is Kelly up for the Dad challenge?

A big southern breakfast, eggs, bacon, grits, coffee. But Kelly has a lot of pressure on him, because Molly says a relationship with her is off-limits unless he can manage to get along with her two daughters, and Kelly doesn’t have kids of his own.

Olivia, the oldest daughter is outspoken and doesn’t take anything off of anybody, as we witnessed in previous clips with Molly’s ex-husband, Luis. She also said that half the time when Olivia makes a decision about something she is absolutely right, so if she doesn’t like Kelly then there is a chance that Molly’s time with him could be over.

However the bigger wildcard, I would imagine, would be Kinsley, the youngest daughter. Kinsley is special needs  and whlie she can carry on a conversation just like an adult would, she can’t do most simple, motor skill things like tie her shoes. She also has a thing where if she gets overstimulated, she will completely shut down.

This is why his interaction with these two are so important because with Molly, her kids are with her and they’re a package deal, no matter what. Right now, everything is a little up in the air because Molly doesn’t know how these three are going to interact so, she’s on pins and needles, and rightfully so.

When you have a strong-willed daughter, and a daughter with special needs, things are going to be difficult. However, Kelly says that he’s up for the challenge and ready for anything that the girls might throw at him. This is good because they’re young girls, they’re going to throw a lot at anyone who tries to step into their life and be a Father figure. So we’ll see just where this goes. Stay tuned!!!

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