‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Father Chuck & Potthasts’ Slumlord Shady Business Dealings Exposed!

‘90 Day Fiancé: We all know Elizabeth Potthast’s family is the worst, but their tenants have been saying it for years.


Currently featured on season 6 of Happily Ever After, Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet and Libby’s family—father, Chuck and siblings, Becky, Jenn and Charlie have featured heavily on three 90 Day seasons. Every time the same played out  issues arise and every time fans take to social media to trash the family.


But there is far more serious chatter online, including disturbing allegations from the tenants of CDC Capital Investments– the Potthast’s real estate company. And these allegations come backed up with court documents. It seems Andrei should have gotten a job with the real estate company’s lawyer…it appears he’d have oodles of work to do.

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Slumlord Potthasts Shady Business Dealings Are Exposed.

Yelp Reviews are scathing (and I am being nice) with the company swindling cash from unsuspecting tenants getting displaced from the home they have rented from the Potthasts because the Potthasts never actually owned the house! If one property was in foreclosure and it was an isolated incident, one could blame red tape or something similar, but poor Floridians have been tossed out of Potthast rentals left, right and center!


I moved from Oklahoma to Florida. I found this property (840 SW Illinois St, Fort White) for rent and they were very nice and worked with me to get into the house. Little did I know that I would have to move 2 years later before Christmas to a new house because they did not own the property and the loan company who owns it is making me move!!! I am a mom with 2 kids, 3 dogs and a cat. This is the most terrible thing I have ever had to do to my children in such a short period of time and all before Christmas of all holidays.


That was the nicest of the three reviews. At least Christina J. didn’t complain that the Potthasts stole her money as well as displacing her during the holidays.


The same couldn’t be said for Nicholas P who wrote:



They are horrible, my family and I have been living in a house they said they owned. Come to find out it was being foreclosed on. I, of course, was concerned and asked question. Dan ensured me everything was fine and they are in a battle but will get the house in the end. Well of course it came to the end and they didn’t buy it. Yet they kept insisting they still owned it and wanted our money for the month. Now they will not contact us to give us our last months (that we never received) nor our security deposit back. These people are scammer and scum bags and I would watch out. Willing to just make a buck and screw a husband and a wife and a 3.5 year old. What great people these are.


Jessica M. had a similar bad experience. She gave the company this awful review

Really need negative stats for these evil folks! Moved into a rental property, less than 6 months later we get a termination of the lease, giving us 2 weeks to move, claiming the house was sold! Found out the house was FORECLOSED on. No one bothered to tell us it was up for sale or foreclosure…sure would have been nice to know in advance. Foreclosures don’t happen that fast! On top of the 2 weeks to find a new place, the letter actually threatens to charge us 3 TIMES the court costs if we are not out by the 1st. Note we received this letter on the 16th a SATURDAY. Avoid these people! Avoid this company! They don’t answer phone calls, they don’t have voice mail. Very shady!!

Trace L. didn’t have it any better:

BEWARE, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!  I rented a property from Chuck on Craigslist, Upon arrival, to the “quaint house in a beautiful neighborhood” – I discovered it was in the middle of an unsafe and low SES neighborhood. The pictures on Craigslist did not accurately represent the deplorable condition of the property. After spending only 1 night, getting multiple warnings from neighbors that I “needed to be careful around here” and fearing for my safety, I notified Chuck that I wouldn’t be staying there for the agreed 3 months due to the condition of the property  – mold infested, rotted floors, stained walls and overall filth. Chuck assured me that he would “aggressively market the property” to re rent it and refund my first/last/security and pet deposit. In the end, I was refunded the security deposit in the amount of $995, and it cost me $3,500 to stay one night. IF I COULD GIVE THIS 0 STARS I WOULD.

But Lance W. said it best:

Beware of these crooks! Daniel will tell you it’s okay to pay your rent late then when your ready to collect your deposit Chuck will tell you have all these late fees. It’s a scam they run back and forth and you get screwed. My daughter was without heat for two weeks in January during the two coldest weeks in Tallahassee. These two Pennywise clowns make slum lords look like Walt Disney.

To be very fair, there was one nice review from PaigeNicole P.


My fiancé and I spent the last year and a half renting from CDC & we’re honestly sad to part ways! Everyone has been so helpful right from the start, from Elizabeth & Chuck getting us through a speedy application process to our property manager Megan who was always prompt & available for our property needs & questions. If it wasn’t for job location purposes we would still be renting from CDC Capitol, the renter portal is user friendly and made paying rent a breeze every month, I highly recommend!


This is the most recent review and you could say that perhaps CDC Capital Investments has cleaned up their act. Or, you might be a cynic who believes that now the Potthasts’ shady dealings are in the spotlight, they asked a friend to write something nice for once!


And if you were wondering if the negative reviews were just haters, we couldn’t tell you they are all 100% real, but most were written before anyone knew who a Potthast was (ah, a simpler time) and court documents for Christina J’s account were uncovered and corroborate her claims 100%. Plenty more court documents from other tenants suing were uncovered by internet sleuths, also!


Honestly though, is anyone really surprised? The family doesn’t exactly present itself in a positive light on television…and then there are the arrests. Libby is the only Potthast who doesn’t have a rapsheet or mugshot that has been plastered all over the internet.


Her husband, Andrei is also trying to claim that he is squeaky clean, but no 90 Day fan, nor his immigration lawyer tends to believe him. Seems like he really is the perfect fit for the family business, if only Andrei and Charlie could realize they are two peas in a pod and stop butting heads, they could make slumlord magic.


What do you think of the Potthasts and their business dealings? Sound off in the comments below and watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After on TLC, Sundays at 8pm ET.

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