’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Asuelu Pulaa Has No Fashion Sense!

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers finds that Asuelu Pulaa and wife Kalani Faagaata were on 90 day bares all, and it was discovered that not only was there a language barrier (there was some footage of Kalani and Asuelu in the grocery store together where he was talking about dispatching a chicken that went horribly, horribly wrong.

Apparently he didn’t know that ‘choke the chicken’ was a euphemism for something else entirely and caused poor Kalani to crack up laughing in the middle of the grocery store.), but there also seems to be a fashion barrier as well! So the producers at 90 days bares all took it upon themselves to give Asuelu several makeover looks.

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers- Asuelu has no fashion sense

Kalani complained that Asuelu dresses like a toddler most of the time. He likes to wear one pattern shirt, and a different patterned pants. Apparently fashion is different in Samoa. Kalani says none of his stuff matches, but Asuelu said that he didn’t care about matching.

He likes traditional Samoan style and I am guessing that having two different patterns on your body isn’t that uncommon on the island of Samoa. The three looks that were prepared for him were as different as could be.

First was a nice, but decidedly plain, gray suit. Kalani liked that. However what she wasn’t too crazy about was the fact that he looked like a mormon pastor who was about to tell her all about “the good news” but hey it was fitting for Easter Sunday.

Then they dressed him in what can only be described as something that was a throwback to 1996, a brightly colored biker short set. Kalani was not feeling it and said that she didn’t like the bright colors on him, however Asuelu disagreed and he might have found a new outfit to take home.

Finally, I believe at least one of the producers was just trying to troll both Asuelu and the audience with this one, they dressed him as a cowboy.

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers- I’m not kidding.

For a good five minutes, Asuelu was a card-carrying flannel and jean wearing cowboy complete with boots and a hat. I don’t think Asuelu has worn pants that button in a long time because it seemed to take him a long time to get them done up, he came out from their little makeshift fitting room without his belt or pants buttoned up.

And he did not seem to know how to walk in boots, in fact he walked sort of like a cowboy who had had one too many at the saloon. Kalani cracked up laughing, but I think this one was the least favorite of Asuelu’s because he was literally not equipped to handle it. At least Kalani laughed. Stay tuned!!!

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