’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Alpha Male Andrei Castravet Forbids Elizabeth Potthast From Hiring a Nanny!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Andrei Castravet is going to have to compromise if he wants both he and his wife to succeed in business. Libby Potthast Castravet has been working from home and attempting to take care of their two year old daughter at the same time.

(Before this, Libby worked outside the home and Andrei was the one staying home with their young daughter.) However now that Andrei has gone back to work outside the home for Father-in-Law Chuck, Libby is now pulling double-duty with their child and it’s taking its toll.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Andrei doesn’t want a nanny

Libby said that she doesn’t know if she can continue to work from home and take care of their daughter at the same time, so she proposed the idea to Andrei that they get some sort of outside help. She wants a nanny or a babysitter while she works from home, essentially, Libby would be right there while little Eleanor was being watched, but Andrei immediately shut that down.

He said that he didn’t trust anyone else besides his own family with his daughter and pointed out that while Libby is working said babysitter or nanny might take Eleanor “around the corner and do something with her”.

We all know that when hiring outside help for children, there have been horror stories and there has to be good screening process in place. Simply because no one wants to end up accidentally hiring an unscrupulous nanny and having something happen to their child, but there are ways to safeguard against this.

There’s entire websites dedicated to screening professionals for in-home care, and if Andrei is committed to both him and Libby working (especially since he is just starting out right now and his position is precardious at best) then he needs to change his tune.

Right now having a babysitter would probably be ideal because that way Libby is still right there, but professionally at least, her attention wouldn’t be divided and her focus could be on work and not a clingy toddler. The clingy toddler would be the babysitter’s job.

However, Andrei might just be trying to do this thing where his wife eventually has to quit work to take care of the family because in order to maintain ‘alpha male status’ and have your typical american family that’s what would have to happen. What he doesn’t understand is, if he pulled that right now he would be shooting himself in the foot. Will Andrei wise up? Stay tuned!!!

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