’90 Day Fiancé’: Larissa dos Santos Lima Slams Fans For “Cruel” Criticism Of Her Parenting Skills

Larissa dos Santos Lima from 90 Day Fiancé has gotten a lot of hate recently. She tries not to talk about her children very often because they do not live with her in the United States and they have been adopted by other family members. On this Mother’s Day, she took time to talk about how cruel people can be. She has had many messages sent to her about her children and how her parenting isn’t the best.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Larissa and Adult Content

Larissa is not stranger to posting her adult content online. In fact, she was fired from TLC because of a live show she made for CamSoda. She was also arrested by ICE the same week, but she is still in Colorado and living with Eric Nichols. Larissa made a post all about her fans and shared a very sexy photo of herself.

She wrote, “I am forever grateful to my loyal fans from 90 Day. In the past, I said I that I was going to talk about my family on my YouTube. The truth, gossips about all including my children. I am never going to discuss or expose anything about my family ever. A few days ago, a “forever fan” sent me the message that she was going to  make sure my children see my premium content meant for adults only. She said she wanted them hurt because I deserve it. This same fan sent me photos of my children being sexually exploited. I was in such shock, and then I could not stop crying. I could not see the screen of my phone well through the tears as I reported it.”

She continued, “How can a human being be so low to hurt the innocent? How sick, and how evil to do this or to even think it. This along with other incidents of the last three years with serial haters, has made my final decision to keep my relationships, my entire family, especially my kids private. I will not share anything more, as messing with kids and family is completely unacceptable. This account is no longer affiliated with 90 Day. I do not have to explain my actions, whether the past or future anymore. To the pathetic grown up women that constantly berate me for photos I post, or entering a Maxim Contest; I’m not trying to impress you. I do not care what you think or that you unfollow me. To lose 10k followers with a photo that is no more revealing than a day at the beach means I did something right. I’m not going to stop shooting content for you hateful prudent simpletons. My goal is to cleanse my IG from the narrow-minded and hateful. I feel embarrassed for the haters, not for what I do.”

We hope that Larissa is able to find out who did this and that Instagram will take the time to take the right actions against them.

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