’90 Day Fiancé’: Danielle Mullins Is Over Mohamed Jbali-‘We’re Better Off As Friends’

Danielle Mullins, best known for being a star on 90 Day Fiance, has spoken about how she is completely over her ex-husband Mohamed Jbali.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Danielle Mullins Is Over Mohamed Jbali-‘We’re Better Off As Friends’

The pair decided to walk away from each other in 2017, and looking back, Danielle has had no regrets. During an interview with Us Weekly, she revealed how they can no longer be romantically involved. She said: “I think that we’re better off as friends. We’re very supportive of each other, and we’re just better off as friends.

“I mean, he’s supportive of my schooling, and I’m supportive of his job.” From the outset, though, things were looking good. Mohamed came across Danielle during a period of online exchanges. He would ultimately go on to move from Tunisia to the United States. Such an action indicated that he was ready to commit long-term.

But as their relationship played out, it was clear that he had other things on his mind. He was repeatedly caught talking to other women, and as a consequence, that trust was no longer there. That has not stopped them from staying in touch, however. She added: “I think what helps me to communicate with Mohammed is my dad used to be a truck driver, and I talked to him about his trucking job.”

Nevertheless, prior to this period, things were very different. In the aftermath of their split, they had not spoken to each other for a matter of 3 years. And yet, many issues needed to be discussed. That is why Danielle felt it was the right thing to reach out. This would go on to give her that peace of mind she was looking for.

She continued: “When we had the second conversation…I definitely got more of the closure that I needed. And I felt much better after the second conversation.” With Mohamed becoming more independent, it has allowed the pair to continue growing within their respective lives. Although Danielle has ruled out a reconciliation, Mohamed has not directly addressed it.

It is quite clear that there is still a bond between them. And with that, anything is possible. We will have to see how things will play out. If you liked reading this article, then check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.