Why Did Tom Cruise Tackle Cocktail Co-Star Elisabeth Shue? Oh, Just to Save Her Life!

It was many years ago that Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue filmed the movie Cocktail together and only now we are learning that Tom saved Elisabeth’s life on the 1988 set!

The on screen couple were filmed riding horses along the white sand beached of Jamaica. It was a sweeping, aerial shot that had movie-goers dreaming of a place called Kokomo.

Every few takes or so, the helicopter from where the spectacular shots were filmed would land on the beach. Tom and Elisabeth would watch the footage from a monitor inside the helicopter and to confer with the director.

Why Did Tom Cruise Tackle Co-Star Elisabeth Shue? Oh, Just to Save Her Life!

One time, after reviewing the footage, Elisabeth began to run to her next starting position, by way around the back of the helicopter. Unbeknown to Elisabeth, the tail rotor on the back of the helicopter was spinning- so fast that it was invisible.

Tom, however, is both a plane and helicopter pilot and knew of the danger. He lunged for Elisabeth, capturing her by the legs and tackling her into the sand.

Elisabeth quickly discovered her almost fatal error, of running directly into a rotating helicopter blade. She was understandably shaken. The crew and helicopter pilot say they could not describe the relief at Tom saving Elisabeth’s life.

The world only just learned of this heroic story from the aerial camera operator, Bill Bennett who wrote about the incident on Facebook after Tom was found to have saved another on set fatality from occurring.

Last week on the Mission Impossible 7 set a stunt was being filmed atop a moving train. Cruise spied a cameraman beginning to fall from his position on the side of the car.

Photographers snapped away while costars and crew members looked on in horror however, Cruise was able to get to the cameraman and help pull him back to safety.

Looks like Tom Cruise is keeping his superhero status nice and shiny!

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