Usher Tips Strippers With ‘Ushbucks’: Fake Bills With His Face Printed On Them.

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Usher Raymond IV, set to begin his Vegas residency this Summer, is settling in to the desert city by heading to the strip clubs, and tipping the dancers with bogus money.

A Vegas-based dancer posted photos of the not-so-legal tender that she received as a part of her tip after dancing for the crooner for the night. The ‘Ushbucks’ seem to be part of a promotion for Usher’s upcoming residency at Caesars Palace, with a series of posts on Usher’s Instagram showing the singer hitch-hiking to Vegas with a suitcase full of the bogus bills.

I am sure the strippers are very happy you have all the cash in the world to print your own money, Usher but after clubs closed down for the better part of a year, and with 34% of Vegas unemployed due to lack of tourism amid the global pandemic, they would probably rather see Benjamin Franklin. Hell, they’d rather see George Washington printed on those bills!

Usher Tips Strippers With ‘Ushbucks’: Fake Bills With His Face Printed On Them.

The exotic dancer who posted about the ‘Ushbucks’ did clarify that there was real money interspersed with the faux-Franklins and wrote, “I ain’t mad… but I thought it should be shared.”

However, others are mad. Gizelle Marie, a self professed stripper/advocate shared the post saying “What a shame that celebs are being that disrespectful to come into the club and paying with counterfeit money. @usher you should be ashamed as an entertainer to come in a club where the job of the women working is to entertain you…. stay your ass home….”

Another popular Instagram account wrote about the incident, “danced all night for usher and this is what he tipped her with?!!!”

Other Vegas area dancers have gone on record to say incidents like ‘Ushbucks’ -gate are just one reason why dancers are wary of performing for celebrities.

“Most of the times these clubs comp bottles, food, even VIP rooms that require payment,” one dancer said of celebrities coming into the clubs where she has worked. “They get a lot of things for free and still do not tip the wait staff or dancers.

She went on to clarify that not every celebrity is the same, saying “some do spend a good amount of money but they think that they can get away with a lot more than the regular person just because of their status.”

Rule of thumb to go by- you may be cute, Usher, but Benjamin Franklin is cuter when stuffed in a g-string.

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