Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Be careful what you wish for

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Univision La hija del embajador spoilers reveal we had some doubts about Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül). Recently, she’d made a decision we felt was a bit risky. However, this is Nare.

We should have known there was something more going on, and it makes us love this character more. Let’s take a look at what she did and why a professional should never deal with someone close to them.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Winning

First, let’s talk about the cunning mind of Nare. La hija del embajador spoilers indicate she didn’t just taunt Akın Vardalı (Erhan Alpay), assuming he’d never find her.

In fact, she actually led him on a wild goose chase by sending her phone to a friend in Barcelona, while she never actually went anywhere. Well, nowhere far, anyway. It was awesome to see Akın fall for it. And she’s got something even better coming. But more on that in a minute.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Bad move

Recently, Nare went to Müge Işıklı (Esra Kızıldoğan) and let it all out. Well, most of it. Last time, she’d confessed to being raped on her 18th birthday, but she didn’t actually come out and tell Müge who did it until Monday night.

Fate stepped in and interrupted her before. But when it finally did come out on Monday, we saw one good reason why doctors shouldn’t help people they’re closely connected to.

Müge was in denial almost immediately, and she told Nare she didn’t want to hear anymore. Nare challenged her, though, and assured her that this guy is so obsessed with her, he even went to Barcelona to find her.

Obviously, Müge was hesitant to test that theory. Instead, she wanted proof of his wrongdoing. Which we’re laughing about right now. She seriously has been freaking out about him not returning any calls or messages, plus he wanted her to get all this money for him.

Something should’ve added up at some point, but we guess love is blind. But Müge should have been careful what she wished for.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Victory

See, La hija del embajador spoilers indicate Nare scored a major win. She happened to be with Gediz Işıklı (Uraz Kaygılaroğlu) when Güven Çelebi (Erdal Kuçukkömürcü) called to get his cell phone.

Gediz, by the way, is furious about the idea anyone would imply his sister would be involved with such a horrible person as Akın, much less be a mole. He’ll have to eat those words.

Nare knows there is video on her father’s phone that will prove her story. So, she insisted that she’ll bring it to Güven herself. She has to see him anyway, and it will save Gediz a trip.

What she really wanted was to show the proof to Müge. This is going to get ugly when she finally has to face the truth. And this could be a step towards Akın finally getting what’s coming to him. Tune in tonight to see how things play out.

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