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TikToker Justine Paradise Accuses Jake Paul of Forcefully Making Her Give Him Oral Sex!

Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy, the former Vine-turned-Disney-turned-Youtube Star has made a killing off of being controversial over the past 5 or so years. Last year his home even got raided by the FBI in connection to looting charges that happened during the George Floyd protests.

There was also the fact of the matter that Paul has. in the past, hung out with guys who have been connected to possible sex trafficking, so before we go victim blaming we should really examine who we’re dealing with here.

Jake Paul accused of sexual assault

Just five days ago, a TikTok star named Justine Paradise uploaded a 21 minute long video detailing how Jake Paul sexually assaulted her. She begins her video by saying that this happened in 2019, before the pandemic, that she was too embarassed to talk about it for so long, which is just sad, and she also said that even though she did want to shed light on who her assaulter was, she said that she didn’t want to ruin anyone’s career.

In fact, she said she felt guilty, even though she was the one who got assaulted. That’s a common feeling among assault victims, and something that should never happen when its not your fault.

She also said that she had originally signed an NDA form when she entered the Team 10 house, and she thought that prevented her from talking about things.

That is a common misconception because any time there is criminal activity, that automatically null and voids any kind of NDA agreement that one may sign. Last time we checked, sexual assault is indeed a criminal offense.

She said that Jake Paul was pretty awkward about their interactions, apparently he has the socialization skills of someone in middle school (not that surprising), she said in the half dozen or so times that she went to his house he would invite her over, say virtually nothing to her, but text her while they were in the same room.

She said that she just thought that maybe Jake just had bad social skills, which honestly would not be a bad aassessment. Then she said one day he pulled her into a corner in his home studio, in front of everyone and started kissing her -but kissing was not the issue.

After this, she said that he led her to his room, which led to dancing and more kissing, and eventually that led to them being in bed together. After a lot of kissing, Jake Paul tried to take things further by getting a severe case of the roman hands, and when Justine pushed him away Jake responded with, “If nothing is going to happen, then what’s the point?” but the encounter didn’t end there for Justine.

That’s when Jake Paul did possibly one of the most disgusting thing ever, he pulled down his pants, grabbed Justine, and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

In spite of what today’s hook-up culture makes it sound like, a lot of people consider this a deeply personal act, not to be taken lightly, and Justine is no different. She said to her it was even more of a big deal than actual intercourse, and Jake Paul did not give her a choice in whether she wanted to do this with him or not, he just literally grabbed her and shoved himself in her mouth.

This is not okay.

He did not allow her to give consent, he did not wait for a response, this is never okay. After the act, she said that he didn’t want her to fix her hair and makeup after her ruined it, and he grabbed her phone, which is an older model and told her, “Come on, let’s get your dinosaur phone and let’s go.” seriously, when did society stoop to phone-shaming? Because she said that everyone in Jake’s circle, with the exception of Diablo, did it.

She said that even though she wanted to talk to Jake about what happened that he would never respond to her text messages after that. She didn’t even confront him, she literally asked him if he wanted to hang out.

But even in the middle of wanting to tell him how she felt, she kept believing that Jake Paul was a good person and that maybe he didn’t do such a thing on purpose, that maybe he’d just gotten the wrong idea.

Justine says in the video that just because she let him kiss her, that didn’t mean she gave consent for anything further than that – she did not. In fact she made it pretty clear that she did not want to go that far with him, especially because he said, “If nothing is going to happen, then what’s the point?”

She did not owe sex to Jake Paul just because he wanted it, and he should have exercised some self-control and asked for consent. This is a problem, a major problem and needs to be addressed.

Justine says that if Jake Paul does see the video, that she hopes it embarasses him, but ultimately she hopes that it makes him want to do better.

Consdering Jake Paul has come out and refuted these allegations, I think embarassment may be the only thing that was gained by her outing him – but she did the rest of the world a public service. Young girls don’t need to be alone with Jake Paul, period, end of story. Stay tuned!!!

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