The final word on Demi Lovato’s quarantine relationship

As most of you will remember, back in 2020, Demi Lovato got engaged to actor Max Ehric, they were only engaged for two months but from the fourth episode of the youtube documentary, Dancing with the Devil, the relationship looked to be, at the very least intense.

Demi and Max started quarantining together, which probably brought a lot of couples together in the beginning of 2020, simply for conveniences’ sake. However, when they started working again, Demi realized that the person that she started quarantining with was not the person that she was actually in love with.


Her Mother was happy for her when she intiially announced her engagement, as was her BFF, Sirrah. But the happiness only lasted for two months before everything fell apart.

She even documented her reactions on video, one was when she initially got enaged and made an adorable video gushing about her ring while her then fiance was sleeping in the next room, and the next two videos was Demi being sad about the break-up.

One was more ambivalent than the other, however she did say that during that time she did not relapse and pick up hard drugs again – that’s great, that’s exactly what we want to hear.

But she said that she missed the person that she thought that Max was and that when she got engaged she didn’t really know Max, and that played a huge role in their breakup. She also said that she was “too queer” to marry a man, so she is in the process of discovering her true self and living as authentically as she can.

She said in the documentary that she is not putting a label on what she is, but on the Joe Rogan show, she did come out and say that she was pansexual, meaning she is romantically attracted to the person within, it is not linked or limited to gender in any way. In regards to relationships, we only wish Demi the best and hope that she can continue to thoroughly embrace who she is. Stay tuned!!!

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