‘The Bachelorette’: Troll Tells Clare Crawley ‘I Hope [Dale Moss] Leaves Your Old Ass. You Are A F—king Idiot’

Clare Crawley has slammed a troll on social media, who has reacted very bluntly following her alleged reconciliation with Dale Moss.

‘The Bachelorette’: Troll Tells Clare Crawley ‘I Hope [Dale Moss] Leaves Your Old Ass. You Are A F—king Idiot’

While neither party has come out and claimed they are officially a couple, the evidence suggests that they are. Her life had fallen apart only a matter of months ago, but now that it is on the mend, not everyone has been happy for her. One critic had allegedly commented on Clare’s posts numerous times for no apparent reason other than to shade her for going with Dale.

This forced Clare to act. In a post to her fans on Instagram, she said: “Do you think she [critic] wakes up and is like, ‘I feel so good today. The sun’s out. I feel amazing. I just feel like talking s—t to someone I don’t know today?” Clare was clearly riled by the comments that were coming her way. And the latest remark got her very vocal.

The troll had shaded her age in reference to the fact that Clare recently celebrated her 35th birthday. The user stated: “Sucks to suck. I hope [Dale Moss] leaves your old ass. You are a f—king idiot. I can’t wait until Dale [breaks up with you] again. And who you gonna cry to?” Naturally, Clare responded to this, but it is essential to remember that Clare has been outspoken on the anxiety she has felt from social media.

It has not been helped by her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease, which has constantly kept Clare worried. And her reply was entirely understandable: “I take breaks from looking at my DMs if you’re wondering why I don’t get back to some people … this is why.” But once she got it all out of her system, there was clearly the question of whether she and Dale were an item.

This dominated the focus of her fans. One user said: “How many of these [questions] are asking about your relationship status?” to which Clare responded: The majority.” Clare, much like Dale, did not confirm anything. And who could blame her? After all, she has hardly been getting a positive response on social media. 

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