‘The Bachelor’: Victoria Fuller Tells All On What She Looks For In A Partner

Victoria Fuller has spoken on how The Bachelor has led her to view relationships from a whole new angle. 

‘The Bachelor’: Victoria Fuller Tells All On What She Looks For In A Partner

She made her appearance during the time in which she was vying for Peter Weber’s affection. Naturally, that failed to transpire as she was eliminated from the show. But that experience has taught her a valuable life lesson. In an interview on the Click Bait podcast, she said: “[I am] saving [myself] for marriage.” Such a statement may seem drastic, given Victoria’s dating history.

However, on closer inspection, it should come as no surprise. Victoria grew up as Catholic, and clearly, this has had an influence on how she views the opposite sex. But she has managed to break free from those ‘inhibitions’, and she was very open about that. She added: “I grew up so Catholic that everything I did was judged, or I always felt like I was doing something wrong.

“I never felt accepted. And then I was just opened to this world where God is so good, and he forgives.” Despite her difficult experiences with Catholicism, her belief in God still plays an important part in finding her special someone. This may explain why her previous attempts in entering a relationship have failed to muster up any results. She continued: “My two biggest questions when I go on a date are, ‘What’s your relationship with the Lord?’ and ‘What are your intentions?

“To me, that’s just everything at this point.” She has stayed true to those words as a seemingly positive romance had broken up in the form of her relationship with Chris Soules. They had hooked up together sometime last year, and things started off on the right foot. The duo were spending a lot of time together and even had quarantined in the same place.

But spending that extra time together made Victoria realise that their priorities were not the same. During her appearance on the Viall Files, she said: “We went a separate direction, but I, like, respect him so much, and I think he’s an amazing man. I just think that right now, I’m in a different place than he is.” 

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