‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: The Most Pointless Season Ever?

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that Bachelor Nation was a different audience when it was announced back in June of 2020 that the next Bachelor would stray from the norm; Matt James wasn’t from a previous Bachelorette season, he was black and he had a much beloved BFF- Tyler Cameron.

Ah, the good old, naïve days of yore when we believed the pandemic would be over “any day” now and having the first black bachelor meant The Bachelor franchise was finally addressing their long running diversity issues.

Seeing as we are already living in La-la land, let’s pretend we have zero access to internet or any television outside of the two hours when we watch The Bachelor every Monday and that we know nothing of the controversies that occurred after the season was filmed. In that case, fans have already dubbed the Matt James led season The Most Pointless Season Ever.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: The Most Pointless Season Ever?

In actuality, it started when 29-year-old Matt revealed he has never been in love and never introduced his family to a girlfriend.


And by episode 2, the season already started to go downhill. Women treating other women terribly became the early theme which would ordinarily make for a good Women Tell All, but not only was there no accountability (except from Anna Redman), and continual bullying and gaslighting, audiences were finally shown how many dates we missed out on seeing in lieu of hearing the contestants call each other bitches and hoes.

Here we thought The Bachelor was about finding love but…Nope. This season seemed to be gunning from the beginning to be remembered as being full of highly-manipulated-by-show-producers drama. Sorry Bachelor, but by season 25 we know how this works. We’ve all seen UnReal. The gig is up.

To add to the pointlessness of this season, as Matt whittled his bachelorettes down, it seemed it never got harder for him to say goodbye. With exception of his early goodbye to Sarah Trott, it only seemed to get easier for him.

As the remaining bachelorettes shared their feelings, Matt’s tried and true response of “thank you for sharing that” grated on audience’s nerves.

We can only image how the ladies felt receiving what was likely response number one on the producers cheat sheet ‘How to respond: 101’ given to the bachelors at the beginning of each season.

Except when it came to Rachael Kirkconnell. Remember, we are suspending belief and saying we know nothing except this gorgeous couple are falling for each other on our screens and that the other final three: Michelle Young, Bri Springs and Serena Pitt have zero chance.

Audiences are sure they are going to have another romantic , Nemacolin woodsy engagement to look forward to…until Matt starts to realize he is on a show called The Bachelor and that typically the reason behind the show is to end one’s tenure as a bachelor and become a fiancé. This is when Matt freaks out.

Our handsome Matt is still affected by his father’s cheating and his parents’ subsequent divorce. I guess that’s understandable to a point, but if every child of divorce refused to marry, the wedding business in America wouldn’t quite be worth the $50+ billion dollar per year it is.

Even after a heart to heart with his estranged father, Manny, Matt continues on his downward spiral, which is completed when his mother, Patty, who may just still be a little bitter against love tells Matt, in not so many words, to not get engaged.

It’s safe to say producers won’t be bringing Patty James back for pep talks for any further contestants.

While Neil Lane demands to get something out of his 2 weeks of quarantining, he still forces a diamond on Matt, but audiences aren’t getting their hopes up. And , as usual, Bachelor Nation is correct.

As it turns out we didn’t even get the usual two limos showing up, audiences waiting with baited-breath to see which woman will emerge first, knowing she’s about to have her heart stomped all over.

Nope, with Michelle being dumped after rappelling down the side of the hotel and presenting Matt with a gift (I mean, dude, dump her before she risks her life for you), Matt then cancels a date with Rachel, only to turn up in the woods in an “engagement worthy” suit a few hours later.

Home viewers took a hot minute to realize this is the finale, and though Rachael risks maybe not her life but definitely hypothermia in a sleeveless sparkly gown (it was snowing just days earlier in Pennsylvania) proceeds to tell Rachael that he can’t propose to her.

As Matt continues to say he sure does hope they can keep dating, though, Bachelor fans were haunted by memories of Juan Pablo Galvais telling final pick Nikki Ferrell he like likes her a lot. “A lot, a lot.”

To make the season even more inconsequential, less than thirty minutes later Matt confirms to new host Emmanuel Acho on After the Final Rose that he has broken up with Rachael post all the controversies that happened after filming.

Bachelor Nation, never the shrinking violet when it comes to giving their opinions took to social media to express their disappointment in season 25

“I thought Peters season was bad….” one fan commented.

“I think we can all finally agree that the bachelor is no longer about love. Its about clout and IG followers,” another fan said.

That opinion was corroborated by a third commenter; “Matt came on the Bachelor for clout, not a wife. He and Tyler are clout fame loving chasers.”

“This show is a joke now and [I] refuse to watch it anymore,” was another comment to garner hundreds of thumbs ups.

It seems pretty unanimous. Season 25 was a giant waste of the audience’s time.

“Imagine how Chris Harrison feels, being fired because of THIS inconsequential season!” remarked another critic while a sixth wrote “Matt needs therapy. Not a reality show.”

Hey Matt, if you are looking for a therapist, I hear Taylor Nolan has a lot of space in her calendar these days!

What do you think of what we saw on screen this season? Did you enjoy the show even without an engagement? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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