‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Opens Up About What’s Next Following Split From Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber has not given up hope of finding a special someone after his recent split from Kelley Flanagan.

‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Is Optimistic That He Will Find A New Flame

In the aftermath of their split, Peter decided to move to New York. And this is where he is looking to find someone he can vibe with. In an interview with Us Weekly, Peter stated how he is confident that there is someone out there for him. He said: “There’s a good sense of optimism [in New York] that you’re going to meet someone.”

So has Peter found someone yet? Not exactly, as the focus seems to be more on finding out what he wants from his life. After all, he and Kelley split up simply because they had different priorities in their life. This would explain why they have continued to remain friends, when most other ex-couples may have entirely banished the other for good.

They were even spotted partying together at a club, as well as having conversations remotely. But for now, Peter is busy with other things. He added: “Personally, I’m not seriously dating at all, but just meeting people and having a good time and building my community. That’s what I’m doing right now.”

Peter has continued to remain positive, and given what he brings to the table, there will be plenty of people interested in hanging out with him. And his time on The Bachelor has prepared him for another relationship. Presently, Peter will take his time and not rush into things.

He continued: “I’ve definitely had a whirlwind of two years there in the dating department and may have been chasing relationships for a little bit too long, but I still haven’t lost any faith. [I] Just haven’t found her yet.” The news of their split was shocking at the time as everything seemed to be going well on the surface.

So when Kelley announced they would go their separate ways, there was a hint of regret. In a post to her fans on Instagram at the time, she said: “Peter and I had some unbelievable times together, and they will definitely be missed.”

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