‘The Bachelor’: Dustin Kendrick And Peter Weber Reveal What Went Down On the Show

Dustin Kendrick and Peter Weber have revealed what went down during their time on the Bachelor franchise.

‘The Bachelor’: Dustin Kendrick And Peter Weber Share Some Of Their Fondest Memories From The Show

Dustin entered the show on the 15th season, and while he did not win over Hannah Brown’s heart, he still has fond memories of her. In an interview on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast, he admitted that he could have done things differently. He said: “I got a good amount of time with her — they just didn’t air it. I had a good time.

“I didn’t get a one-on-one [date], but I probably should have been more out there, I guess, a little bit.” But by the sounds of it, Dustin had many things that he did not share with the fans. Although he did not get on a one-on-one date with Hannah, he did something that very few contestants have ever done: he sang for her. And looking back, the song was perhaps not the best choice.

He added: “I took her and was singing, like, Beauty and the Beast, twirling her around.There was actually a lot of things they didn’t really show. Me and Hannah Brown talked about race. We flirted a lot, a lot of kissing sessions.” Peter, for his part, also had a memorable time on the show. In the same way, Hannah almost turned his head.

He previously admitted to walking away from the show, right from the outset, in order to pursue a relationship with Hannah. He would ultimately stay, which was justified due to the many good memories he had. He said: “I have very vivid memories and great memories of it… [It’s] just crazy to think of everything that’s kind of transpired from that night.

“You never know going on that type of show and that experience what it’s going to do for your life.” That is ringing true as Peter has plans to release a children’s book. And who would have thought that? After all, he started out as a pilot. It is great to see the duo opening up on their experiences and giving the fans an insight into the show.

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