Steve Harvey STILL Haunted By Massive Miss Universe Blunder!

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Steve Harvey has opened up about how his blunder at 2015 Miss Universe continues to play on his mind. 

Steve Harvey Haunted By Miss World Blunder

The talk show host sent the internet wild, when he had mistakenly announced the wrong person as the pageant’s winner. Steve, for his part, had declared Ariadna Gutierrez (Miss Colombia) as the winner, only to retract that statement later and crown Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Philippines). In an interview on the Comedy Gold Minds podcastSteve spoke on the circumstances surrounding the error.

He stated: “They said, we’ll announce the second runner up, and then we’ll have standing there the first runner up and Miss Universe, and we’ll do it that way. I looked at the next card. I said, ‘Miss Colombia!” Given that another name had been added to the list, Steve simply read what he had and made the biggest blunder of all.

On reflection, Steve would have done the whole thing entirely different. After all, he was a brave man to go and correct himself when the producers could easily have cut the show and make amends. He added: “I took my stupid ass back out there. I should have let them announce it the next day in the newspaper. I wouldn’t have caught none of the hell I caught.”

Steve has admitted openly that this was the biggest mistake of his career. While such errors could have destroyed an illustrious career, Steve has continued to go on strong ever since. He is a popular talk show host, and his own show continues to resonate with the public. And his success has rubbed off on his wider family. His daughter, Lori Harvey, has also been making waves- but not in the traditional way.

She has been hooking up with  Michael B. Jordan, and by all accounts, Steve could not be happier for them. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve spoke on how great Michael has been with his daughter.

He said: “I like this one. I still got my eye on him. I mean, I like him, but like I say to all of ’em, ‘I might like you. I might approve of you, but I got a thumb-sized section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for your ass. Just in case I need it.”

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