Sharon Osbourne Could “Care Less About The Talk” – Is She Starting Her Own Show?

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Sharon Osbourne is not about to give the show that gave her the boot a tune in. In fact, Sharon did the exact opposite when she tuned out of The Talk’s return episode this week. Here’s what you need to know.

During their first episode back after their hiatus, Sheryl Underwood said that she has experienced PTSD because of her emotional debate with Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon was forced to apologize for defending her friend Piers Morgan – despite his attacks against Meghan Markle – and even led the producers to put the show on hiatus. And now Sheryl says that she can’t stop thinking about the incident so much so that she is experiencing bad vibes because of it.

Sharon Osbourne Could Care Less About The Talk – Is She Starting Her Own Show?

“I feel like I’ve been in, like, PTSD because it was a trauma,” Sheryl said in the first episode back after spring break. “And I feel like I want to get past this because I really wanted to get back to work with my friends and my colleagues and the crew … but I also wanted to get back to the audience.”

Sharon Osbourne — who left the show after an investigation into the incident — didn’t hear any of it.

“She didn’t watch the show. She doesn’t care. It’s really behind her. That’s not what her life is about,” an insider told Page Six. “She doesn’t dwell on sh-t. There’s too many exciting things happening in her life.”

 Instead, Sharon is set to discuss the controversy during her upcoming appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

“She’s excited. Bill has gone through the same thing she has, where he was fired for being outspoken, so she’s really happy to go on the show with someone she believes will be empathetic,” one source shared.

Now, whether or not Sharon will start her own talk show, remains to be seen. So far she hasn’t made any comments about her future.

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