Prince Harry Feels Guilty For Not Being There To Say Goodbye To Prince Philip – British Royal Family

Prince Harry has been left feeling dejected at the passing of Prince Philip.

Prince Harry Feels ‘Guilty For Not Being There To Say Goodbye To Prince Philip’

Harry had been on course to meet him later this year, as he was planning on coming to the UK as part of a statue erected to commemorate his mother, Princess Diana. While there will no be changes to those plans, Harry has felt a heavy burden in not seeing Philip. A source told Us Weekly: “Harry feels guilty for not being there to say goodbye to Prince Philip in person.”

Philip had been hospitalised for around a month before he was released in order to recuperate at home. Sadly, his health took a turn for the worse to the point where no amount of medical care could save him. This is going to be extremely difficult to take for Harry because his critics will highlight how he may have had a role in adding extra stress to the Royals.

After all, his and Meghan Markle’s interview led to rumours that Philip may have made those racist remarks about Archie. Regardless, Harry and Meghan have honoured him despite their differences. In a statement put out on their website, the couple wrote: “IN LOVING MEMORY OF His Royal Highness. The Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE…YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED.”

Despite the covid restrictions, the Royals are planning on having a funeral. Unlike Queen Elizabeth’s birthday party, which had been cancelled, the funeral has been seen as an opportunity to get Harry back into the fold. Sources confirmed that the Queen is on board to have Harry attend the funeral: “The Queen wants Harry to be there. Harry is hopeful that he’ll be able to return home to honour his grandfather, who he had a close bond with.”

Although it is unclear whether Meghan will attend, we know that she had a cordial relationship with Philip. After learning of his hospitalisation, Meghan had said: “I just picked up the phone, and I called the Queen just to check in. I just called. That’s what we do.” It is clearly a difficult period for the Royals, but if they handle it correctly, they can come back stronger from this. 

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