Paul Newman Gave This Powerful Acting Tip To Tom Cruise On Set Of ‘The Color Of Money’

Tom Cruise is an interesting person, to say the least. Regardless of his affiliation within the Church of Scientology, he genuinely seems like a nice person and people have noted how he looks you in the eye, remembers your name, and is always friendly and courteous.

He’s been a film icon for decades, and even as the years go on, the man still looks great, is doing his own stunts, and continues to put out blockbuster films that everyone seems to love.

While on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, he spoke about his early career and some valuable lessons he learned along the way that he still carries with him today.

“Tom Cruise on the valuable acting lesson he learnt from the late Paul Newman.”

Paul Newman Gave This Powerful Acting Tip To Tom Cruise On Set Of ‘The Color Of Money’

In the clip from ‘The Graham Norton Show’, Cruise speaks of a powerful acting tip he received from the legendary Paul Newman when they were on the set for ‘The Color Of Money’. While Cruise had picked out his clothing for the film and thought it would be fantastic, one thing he didn’t think about was cold Chicago days.

Cruise had tried on his wardrobe in the Summer and didn’t think about having warmer clothes when the filming actually began. As he was walking around outside in the cold, trying to keep warm, Paul Newman was in a car, wearing a big Winter coat and blasting an electric heater.

While Cruise was shivering and freezing, trying to get through the scene, Newman looked at him and said, “you tried your wardrobe on in the Summer didn’t you?” To which Cruise admitted he had. This was a nifty and subtle tip from a legend, always plan to be warm.

We can’t imagine that Tom Cruise has been cold on-set of another film since then! Not only has he become one of the biggest actors in the world, but he seems to have taken that good advice to heart.

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