Mossimo Giannulli Released Early From Prison- How Was His Experience?

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Mossimo Giannulli has done his stint in prison, as he was released in time for Easter to be reunited with his wife, Lori Loughlin.

Mossimo Giannulli Released Early From Prison- How Was His Experience?

The couple hit the headlines after they were embroiled in a college admissions scandal, in which they were seeking to make payments to secure a college position for their children. Now that Mossimo has experienced some justice, he was given some leeway to be allowed to see his family. A source said: “He was released three weeks earlier than planned. It’s Lori’s Easter surprise.”

But things in prison were not so easy. There is an assumption that being rich and famous gets you many home comforts behind bars. While that may be the case for some people, Mossimo’s experience was entirely different if the following comments are anything to go by. Sources spoke on how the father was taken into solitary confinement, which had a significant impact on his mental health.

An insider revealed: “Mossimo had to file an emergency motion to get out of solitary because he had no access to anything while inside. He didn’t go outside for almost two weeks; he was denied access to everything other than a shower.” This did not win him any sympathy, though. The family and their legal team had tried everything to make sure that Mossimo’s prison sentence could be served in the most dignified way possible.

But the judge was not sympathetic to those sentiments as Mossimo was denied an earlier release near the beginning of the year. The court documents said: “[The evidence given shows] no extraordinary or compelling reason why his current circumstances in the camp warrant [an] immediate release.” But given the upcoming Easter festival, the judge was more sympathetic to that cause.

Since that time, their daughter Olivia Giannulli has apologised for how it all played out. She expressed how she had learnt from the experience and vowed to keep on fighting, in spite of the negative reaction that continues to crop up her way.

During an interview on the Red Table Talk, she said: “We had the means to do something, and we completely took it and ran with it. It was something that was wrong. It really can’t be excused. On paper, it’s bad — it’s really bad.”

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