Kristin Cavallari Speaks On What It Is Like To Bring Up Her Kids

Kristin Cavallari has given her take on parenting in light of looking after her three kids: Saylor, Camden and Jaxon.

Kristin Cavallari Speaks On What It Is Like To Bring Up Her Kids

Kristen has two sons and a daughter, but her approach to them has been quite different, as she found out. In an interview with Us Weekly, Kristin said: “It’s harder to raise girls because girls are drama. It’s a lot of drama, and Saylor’s payback for me is she’s very tough. She’s set in her ways. She knows what she wants, and she’s not going to stop until she gets it.”

Kristin, for her part, has had her own fair share of drama. She has been making waves ever since the rumours that she could be about to join Southern Charm. This is significant as she has bashed the other show’s star, Madison Le Croy, numerous times by accusing her of getting too close to her ex-husband Jay Cutler. Not only that, Kristin was outraged that Madison had attempted to get Jay on the show.

But it seems Kristin and her daughter are two peas in a pod. She added: “She’s very into hair and makeup and nails right now. I even got her a little pedicure [set]. It’s a little inflatable thing that you can put water in it. She loves doing all of that stuff, but I also really love baking with Saylor.” As for her son Camden, Kristin has had to push her boundaries a little.

With her no longer being together with Jay, she has had to get out of her comfort zone and do things that she would not normally do. It has not stopped her from having a good time, though. She continued: “[I’m] having to learn how to play Xbox and how to play Madden. I played some basketball game last night. I don’t even know what it’s called…his love language is quality time.” As for her son Jaxon, he is just what Kristin is: “He’s still very much, like, a mama’s boy.” If Kristin’s kids can be half as successful as their mother has been, then they will be just fine.

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