E! ‘Total Bellas’: Nikki Bella Denies She Is Pregnant After Rumours Run Wild!

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Nikki Bella has rejected claims that she is pregnant once again, less than a year after giving birth to her son, Matteo. 

E! ‘Total Bellas’: Nikki Bella Denies She Is Pregnant After Rumours Run Wild!

But it seems a change in her appearance, notably her weight, has gotten the rumour mill going once again. In a post to her fans on Instagram, Nikki shut down those rumours. She said: “So a lot of people have asked me this since the weekend [if I am pregnant]. No lol. My dress was baggy, and with the number placement and being super bloated from travel and hormones (milk is coming to an end), I totally look it. It is what it is, lol.”

So the question remains, would Nikki consider another child? As her wrestling career is approaching its tail end, there is a chance that she could have another child. After all, what more does she have to prove? She was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Not only that, Nikki is approaching her 40’s, and as such, there is not much time left in the ring. 

During a previous interview with Us Weekly, Nikki spoke on how she was torn about whether to have another child. She revealed: “I have such a battle in my head because I would want to wait and then I’m like, ‘OK, so I’m closer to 40. How’s that going to be?’ And then I’m like, ‘No, no, no. I’m just going to have my son, Matteo. But it’s like, now that I have Matteo, I want to give him a sibling.'”

In addition, Nikki and her sister Brie Bella have always had a competitive edge. That is not just inside the wrestling world, as their children were born minutes apart. Nikki had previously joked about how she had won that battle.

But jokes aside, since Brie has more than one child, Nikki has felt the need to provide Matteo with a sibling. She added: “I want to give him a sibling because when we see [my sister Brie Bella’s 8-month-old son], Buddy, and Buddy and [his sister], Birdie, I’m like, ‘Oh, no matter what, he’ll always be a sibling.”

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