Did Jake Paul Block ‘Ride Or Die’ Tana Mongeau On Social Media?

There’s a big mystery going on on Tana Mongeau’s Twitter. We all know that up until now, Tana Mongeau has been a ride or die for Jake Paul, like a true OG. She has always took his side on everything and even up until recently was liking tweets discrediting Justine Paradise, but now Tana is tweeting about how heartbroken she is over him and how they’re not that close anymore.

On the day of Jake’s fight, she tweeted, “Ahhh this day makes me so sad!” and then, “I love you” which we assume was directed at Jake. There was also a cryptic, “I don’t know how to give my heart now.” which didn’t refer to anyone in particular but since she really did claim to be in love with Jake at one time, we’ll assume it’s about him.

Tana Mongeau blocked by Jake Paul?

Speaking of the fight, Tana was not seen at Jake’s fight, which is a rarity because she’s usually there cheering him on. However, that day she was conspicuously absent, it was probably due to the fact that she was down in Mexico celebrating her friend Ashley’s birthday.

It could have been a thing where schedules just collided, but considering how ride or die she’s been for Jake in the past, it was odd not to see her there. Jake won the fight, a purse worth $65 million (so he claims), then Tana tweeted something that shocked us all, “I’d congratulate him myself but I’m blocked.”

What on earth went down?! 

So far, nobody’s talking, nobody knows the real story. Maybe Jake has a new girl that he’s not told anyone about, or maybe he’s in one of those weird states of mind where he doesn’t want any distractions away from his training (after all, he did say when he fell in love with fighting, he fell out of love with Tana, yike!), maye they had a big fight over the latest accusations against him, maybe Tana finally got wind of some irrefutable truth and confronted him and Jake illustrated just what kind of person he was by getting defensive instead of actually taking accountability for his actions.

Either way, I’m waiting on the storytime behind this one. Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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