Chris Pratt Is Already Prepared For His Award Acceptance Speech With A Double Back Flip Off Stage

Chris Pratt’s upcoming film ‘The Tomorrow War’ is set to release this July and he already has high hopes for it. He’s posted several times about how proud he is of the film and how it was his first time being an executive producer on a feature-length film.

He’s so sure we’re all going to love it and standing by it so strongly that he’s already prepared the first draft of his acceptance speech when he wins an award. It’s hilarious, and he ends it with a double backflip off stage before high-fiving Martin Scorcese. Take a look at his “draft” below.

“Draft: Award Show Acceptance speech for #TheTomorrowWar “Thank you so much. I can’t believe I won! Wow, this statue IS really heavy. (Pause for laughter) I’m SO SURPRISED to be up here on this stage. I DIDN’T EVEN PREPARE A SPEECH. (Pause for dramatic effect.. look out at crowd.. imagine something smells bad, flare nostrils slightly to make crying face) I’m such a massive fan of everyone who was nominated… When we set off on the amazing journey to make our little film I had no idea it would be a clean sweep at every awards show. I’m so humbled. (Act humbled) I want to thank my wife. My family. Jesus. To my dear acting teacher Hans, we did it! YOU did it!! To my sleep deprivation trainer Bilbo, I’m sorry I got so mad at you. I was tired. And when my character gets tired he slaps people. I’m sorry. Let’s be us again. And now, I’ll use the rest of my time on this stage to finally address the growing problem of… (music starts to play) oh. Wait.. guys cmon! There’s a big problem we need to address and my breathtaking portrayal of Dan Forester, a former Army Ranger turned high school teacher turned time traveling alien ass kicker has put me in just the position to actually make a HUGE impact and definitely potentially reverse course and actually save the planet but this time FOR REAL! (Music swells) Oh well.. They’re playing me off. Shoot. Next year, if there even is one. (Pause for laughter) Throw statue into crowd. Watch them all fight for it. Laugh evil laugh. (Note: call Hans to work on evil laugh) shoot finger guns at crowd. Wink. Double back flip off stage. High five Scorsese. Out.”

See the full post here.

Chris Pratt Is Already Prepared For His Award Acceptance Speech With A Double Back Flip Off Stage

The film is coming to Amazon Prime and features a group of soldiers fighting a war in the future against aliens. It’s sci-fi, comedy, action, drama, and everything nice. Look for it on Amazon on July 2nd!

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